Monday, January 29, 2007

Is it getting hot in here?

Global warming. Well, it looks like Bush is on the bandwagon, finally. In a recent report, Washington, D.C. is finally admitting that it may be an actual phenomenon they need to pay attention to. Bush said in his State of the Union address that it is a fact and proposed a reduction in gasoline consumption by 20% over the next 10 years. But is it a little too late? Al Gore says in "An Inconvenient Truth" that we need to do more to stave off global warming or it will be doomsday for us here on Earth. What do you think?

I think:
If you haven't seen the movie yet, go see it--then make up your own mind. I believe that we human have contributed to the current dubious state of the environment however, I also believe that the planet has its own cycles of which we have no control over. There is an interesting article on the NASA web site about the global warming debate that is good reading. We can and should be doing our part to be more conscious about what we are doing to the planet. Just like in the case of the ozone layer. But I do not think that doomsday is imminent.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Odd News

It's been quite a while but I think I'll pick up where I left off. . .Anyone sick of the news lately? Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, Iraq. I know the war sucks and we are sucking at this war but come on! I'm sick of it. So, how about some Odd News to liven things up a bit? What do you think?

I think:
Here are some of my favoriate Odd News stories:

Boy Screams Killing Chickens

Iguana Erection Lasts for Over a Week

Pet Shop Owner Brews Up Beer for Dogs

Immaculate Conception: Komodo Dragon Gives "Virgin Birth"

Monday, January 23, 2006

It's not a tumor!

A four-year study in the UK has found that there is no link between using cell phone and the increased risk of brain tumors. Apparently, no matter how long you use your cell phone or how frequently, our risk does not increase. The study was prompted by reports that glioma patients had an increased growth of their tumors on the side of their heads they most often used for their phones. An overview of the results to the study are posted on the Institute of Cancer Research Web site. What do you think?

I think:
Boy, that makes me feel good. I use my cell phone a lot and I'm glad that I most likely won't get a brain tumor from using it. But it is funny to me that whenever there is a new technology, someone always freaks out about its effects on our bodies. I know that there has been some research done with electromagnetic fields (EMF) and health, like linking people who live close to power lines and their increased risk for cancer, but come on people! Chill out!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fact or Fiction: A Million Little Pieces

No doubt you've heard about A Million Little Pieces, the "memoir" by James Frey that recounts his crazy life as an alcoholic and drug addict and chronicles his way back to sobriety. Oprah Winfrey had him on her show claiming that he "kept her up for two nights" while she read his book. Now, there are rumors that this best seller isn't really a memoir and that some of the details in his book have been "embellished" to make it more exciting., a Web site that seeks to provide the truth by publishing government and law enforcement documents, published a document that exposed Frey's book as fraud and the author as the "man who conned Oprah." What do you think?

I think:
I went out and bought this book after seeing it on Oprah (yes, I'm a groupie). I'm always looking for good books to read and all the ones I've read that Oprah suggests ARE GOOD. Now, with that said, I think it is deceptive to market a book as a memoir when pieces of it are fictional. That's just bad advertising, and in my opinion, Frey not only wanted a best selling book, he wanted to catapult himself to stardom since he's the "main character" in the book. He might have been better served (and could have avoided all this controversy) if he wrote the book based on his own story about a fictional character, not himself.

Oprah has finally broken her silence on the Larry King Show and said that the rumors are "much ado about nothing." But this doesn't really bode well for her in that it seems like she was duped by some con-artist. Either way, I intend to read the book I bought but I will now view it as fiction, not a memoir. And time will tell if this scandal actually helps or hurts Frey's book sales. If it helps, maybe it was a good strategy. If it hurts, I hope Frey enjoys his 15 seconds of fame while it lasts.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's Confirmed: Bradgelina is On The Way

Today, People Magazine announced that Angelina Jolie confirmed she is pregnant with Brad Pitt's child. "Yes, I'm pregnant," Jolie told a charity aid worker in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Monday. The pregnancy has since been confirmed by representatives of both stars. Jolie is currently in the Dominican Republic filming The Good Shepherd with Matt Damon. She is also working with Yele Haiti, a charity for the empowerment of Haitian citizens. The progeny of the two hottie stars is expected this summer. What do you think?

I think:
Whew! Boy, am I glad Angelina got that off her chest. Now we can all get on with our lives.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

SUVs: No Safer Than Cars for Kids

A new US study reveals that the mass Urban Assalt Vehicles err. . . Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) on the road today are no more safe than regular cars when it comes to kids' safety. The study, published in this month's Pediatrics journal, found that the risk of injury to children wearing appropriate safety restraints was about 1.7 percent regardless of vehicle type. Child injuries from rollover accidents were more common in SUVs and outweighed the safety benefits of larger, heavier vehicle frames. What do you think?

I think:
I know that Americans want their BIG automobiles with lots of room for the kids, the dog, and all the crap that people lug around with them but that's what station wagons were for, and minivans. SUVs are a waste of money and environmental resources and anything that gives them bad press is a good thing in my opinion.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Real Estate Bubble About to Burst?

USA Today reports that homes on the market are at their highest level since 1986. According to the report, it would take nearly 5 months to sell all the homes available right now, the longest period since June 1993. That may signal a long-needed drop in high home prices (especially for those of us who live in expensive areas such as San Francisco). Some experts think this signals a "cooling off" rather than a "bursting bubble" and site low mortgage rates as softening the slow down. What do you think?

I think:
It's about damn time. I understand that real estate has been the only solid investment over the past 5 years (compared to other investments) but give us a break! The average American makes about $40K per year so you do the math. . . do you think an average can family afford a house in today's market? NO! For those of us who own homes a slow down in home sales is not such a good thing, especially if we paid through the nose for our homes. All I know is that some how the market has to come down or else salaries need to go up. . . if the American dream to own a home is a possible reality and not just a crazy fantasy.